Words are just a bunch of letters, a logical sequence of characters that together result in something that, sometimes, can even be illogical. And that’s all. There’s nothing special about this. There are like, millions of words and billions of different sequences. Still, some of them really means a lot, no matter how simple they are.

How can you be so sure that a word said in the right moment will not change the whole universe? How can you know that a ‘Good night’ said to no one will not change this someone’s night and really provide a good night and save the world? You dont. You can risk it, because in the end it’s just a bunch of letters, a tiny sound that would make no sense if never heard it before. Still, you dont know. I dont know. Maybe I should have said some words that I never did, and this could have changed so much.

There are words that I could have said, some I should have said, I’m perfectly aware of that because I regret some of those moments, these lost possibilities. Not really the words, they dont matter at all. But what they could have caused, what they could have changed. Some moments dont need words at all, things just happens by luck, fate, or something like that. Sometimes a simple look or a very discreet smile are much better than any word. A laugh may not exactly be a word, still, sometimes it’s so much good to hear.

Still, we don’t know. Maybe some words should have been said, some questions should have been asked, some answers could have been different, maybe even some things should have been written on the first page of a book. Who knows? Maybe even this text would not change anything. Words are just a bunch of letters, and this text is just a bunch of words. Right?


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