Through iron and woods

“At least I did something good”, that’s what I’ve been thinking in the last few days. I’m not sure what it is, or if I indeed did something, but it makes me happy, makes me think that all this Winter Wars thing is not so bad as I think it is. If I keep my head up, my eyes on the future and don’t let some things drag me down, everything will be just fine.

Took me some years to realize the meaning of a text that I read some years ago, a text that talks about rarity and that has some phrases that, until now, never made full sense to me. And I never truly understood that. Some words about bonds, some feelings and of course, rarity, always gave me a slight idea about what was that about, and to be honest I never truly accepted that. But now, everything is different.

Some things indeed have not changed. For example, it´s still just a matter of time and I still need to wait, and there are words that cannot be said and things that may never happen, and sure, some battles to fight. Honestly, now, in this exact moment, I’m not worried about what will happen. Sure, there´s still a master plan and there´s a lot that I would like to happen, but if everything goes wrong at least I did something good. Right?

There are good days and bad days. I dont care much about the bad ones lately, since I prefer to think that I will have another chance. But there are some good days where everything that I wrote here become exceptionally true, and in some of these days there are some things that, if I am lucky enough, I can see. There are some little details that makes all the difference on the world, there are things that other people also see but not in the same way I do, and as I said, sometimes, if got lucky enough, for a brief moment, through woods and iron I can see what is the meaning of rarity. And suddenly, everything makes sense.


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