Winter Wars

Not so pretty as the summer wars, silently, the winter wars started. I don´t know exactly when, I don´t know exactly the moment that changed everything, and probably wasn´t just one moment, it couldn´t be that simple. However I know why it has started, I know clearly all the reasons and motives that lead to this. It will not be just a war, there will be no easy battles and no moments of peace. It will be a one man army against all the odds.

If I win, I´ll have a good story to tell my friends, and I´ll be proud of it. I’ll be happy, I’ll remember everything, I’ll sing all the songs that are waiting to be heard. I’ll look back and I’ll not regret anything, because in the end, it will be worth it. But if I lose, no one will never know about it. Some words will never be said and some voices will never be heard, I’ll still remember everything for all the years to come, always questioning why and how and never accepting the results. Why should I accept this? I´m not fighting for nothing, I´m fighting for everything.

I wish I could say when it will be over, but I can’t. I can just keep fighting day by day on battles of words and silence, counting every win as a good reason to smile and keep my hopes alive. The real problem here is even if I said to “just wait”, time waits for no one and I may lose this war no matter how hard I can fight. The wolf may be closer, but time is running up.

The winter wars are definitely not as beautiful as the summer wars. But they could end in the same way.


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