Time is on your side

Just wait. Time is on your side. Be calm, look, think, wait. Wish, ask everyday for it, imagine. If something will change, keep doing your best, because good things come to those who wait. For now, the best words are silence and the best future is just a hope. For now, a simple letter makes all the difference, even if there’s no difference.

Until something changes, keep your head up and your eyes open. Don’t let yourself down, don’t be sad and don’t suffer. Peace is a lie, remember? So don’t be afraid. Keep fighting centaurs and chasing wolfs. Kill your doubts and solve your problems. Let the time pass, and everything, eventually, will be fine.

Listen to your thoughts, talk with your friends. Trust no one. Still, let them talk, let them give their opinions, maybe something good comes from this. In the end, all depends on you, and you’ve got all the time in the world.

In every place there’s a sign, in everything there’s a reason, in every person there’s a hint. The dog days aren’t over yet, and maybe they will never be, but there’s a good reason to try and to wait. Just wait. Maybe it’s something in the way you move or something your saw yesterday, maybe it’s just a perfect point of view or maybe it’s really just like a very simple movie.

And after all, if nothing good comes from this, at least you’ll have something to remember. Maybe something to cheer you up, but certainly nothing to regret. Just wait.


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